Recommended: Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini – “La Forma dei Ricordi”


La Forma dei Ricordi is a spectrum of tranquil expressions.  Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini and their quintet bring this about by building upon a foundation of Mediterranean folk, then adding modern jazz, tango, and blues as needed.  The guitarist and pianist attain a tunefulness that makes it simple to connect with, but it’s often an ephemeral quality and the emergence of a melodic statement quickly detours into new directions.  That state of melodic flux is a cause of enchantment, and creates a sense of anticipation that carries throughout their 2013 recording.

Those tracks where it’s just Perfetti and Gerini in a duet bring a solemn tone to the affair, as if the method of dialog is something far more contemplative than the extroverted nature of the quintet at play.  And when Gerini switches over to Fender Rhodes on “Death Valley No. 5,” it’s remarkable how the peaceful ambiance doesn’t stir the slightest and how he manipulates his keyboard to simply become a different kind of ripple on the surface of the water.  “Tram 28” lets the jazz presence emerge at its strongest, and it’s persistent tempo and edgy melody is a nice counterbalance to the album’s prevalent tranquility.

A beautiful recording.

Your album personnel:  Nicola Perfetti (acoustic & classical guitars), Federico Gerini (piano, rhodes), Stefano Guazzo (soprano sax, clarinet), Massimiliano Rolff (double bass) and Massimiliano Furia (drums).

Released in 2013 on Dodicilune Records.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Soundcloud page.

Music from Firenze, Italy.

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