These are videos that I like: Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini, studio, car and train


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini.  Their album La Forma dei Ricordi was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

Here’s a cool promo that shows pianist Federico Gerini at work creating the music for the album.  The song used for this video is “Nottetempo.”

And here’s another promo for the series, but this time it’s the guitarist Nicola Perfetti, and the album song “Tandem.”

Here’s an interview that’s part of an old crowdsource promo for the Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini project “Viaggio nelle città del jazz.”  It uses some music from their album La Forma dei Ricordi.

And here’s a promo for a trio project oof3, which is comprised of Gerini, Perfetti and Massimiliano Furia, who is the drummer on La Forma dei Ricordi.  As you well know, any video that has trains on it automatically gets featured on this site.  However, I’m just now discovering this trio project, and it sounds pretty cool, so you may be reading more about this music in the near future.  For now, however, the video…