Jeremiah Cymerman performs Chris Schlarb’s “The Starry King Hears Laughter”


Chris Schlarb tour photoThe music of Chris Schlarb and Jeremiah Cymerman sound nothing alike, and yet there’s a bird of the same feather quality about their creative directions that makes this crossing of paths a natural conclusion as if to some undocumented, obscure experiment.  Both guitarist Schlarb and clarinetist Cymerman transcend genres by borrowing judiciously from a wide array of influences while simultaneously defying their conventions.  The use of technology both in performance and post-production is to be expected… at least, as much as one feels safe making assumptions on what the next note might bring from either composer.

Jeremiah CymermanSchlarb’s music often presents a soothing, ambient demeanor, and when it goes for something more akin to pop music characteristics, that friendly disposition often hints at the kind of contemplation that doesn’t necessarily lead to smiles.  Cymerman, on the other hand, adopts a fighting stance with his creations, and the rules of engagement require a level of comfort with shifting environments of sharp dissonance and an ominous serenity.

Much to my delight, Cymerman performed a solo clarinet rendition of the Schlarb composition “The Starry King Hears Laughter,” which appears on the guitarist’s excellent recording, Psychic Temple II.

Here’s the Cymerman rendition…

And here’s the original version of “The Starry King Heart Laughter,” from Schlarb’s Psychic Temple II


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