Things I love about Twitter: Chris Schlarb’s “Making the Saint” tour


Chris Schlarb Making the SaintGuitarist Chris Schlarb, whose music I’ve raved about on this site repeatedly, completed a solo tour in 2014 in support of his new album Making the Saint.

His Twitter feed was incredibly entertaining to follow.  I’ve decided to embed a compilation of the post-show tweets.  The tweets included here all have the same format: a few words about how the show went, a tangential comment, and a tally of his progress on recouping his financial investment in the tour.  I think these tweets are illuminating, succinct glimpses into the mindset of a touring musician.  The only other musician I’ve seen that does anything resembling this on a consistent basis is Ken Vandermark (and his is a Twitter feed also worth following).

In any event, here begins the Chris Schlarb tour tweets travelogue. Visit his Twitter page for even more tour tweets, which often focus on side-trips in between shows and pre-show observations.  Also, at the foot of this column, be sure to check out some announcements about current & upcoming Chris Schlarb projects.


July 1 – Hitting the Road


July 5 – Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space



July 6 – Santa Fe, NM – High Mayhem


July 8 – Denton, TX – House Show


July 8 – Dallas, TX – Good Records

July 9 – Austin, TX – MASS Gallery


July 10 – San Antonio, TX – Sala Diaz


July 11 – Houston, TX – Alabama Song



July 15 – Nashville, TN – Stone Fox

July 16 – Athens, GA – Cine



July 18 – Lynchburg, VA – Speakertree Records

July 19 – Richmond, VA – Plan 9 Records (Afternoon)



July 19 – Charlottesville, VA – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (Evening)


July 20 – Washington DC – Union Arts DC



July 22 – Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s Lounge

July 23 – New York, NY – New Amsterdam Records



July 25 – Rochester, NY – Vineyard Community Space


July 26 – Buffalo, NY – El Museo

July 27 – Athens, OH – Donkey Coffee



July 28 – Cincinnati, OH – Heligator House

July 29 – Owensboro, KY – Daviess County Public Library


July 30 – Indianapolis, IN – Joyful Noise Recordings

July 31 – Goshen, IN – Ignition Music



August 1 – Chicago, IL – Comfort Station

August 2 – Oshkosh, WI – Oshkosh Masonic Center



August 3 – Iowa City, IA – Public Space One

  August 4 – Wichita, KS – Track House  



August 5 – Denver, CO – Leon Gallery


August 6 – Salt Lake City, UT – Diabolical Records  



August 8 – San Francisco, CA – Holy Innocents Episcopal Church


August 9 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Boo Boo Records  


All Done – Show Over


In the wake of the tour conclusion, I asked Chris a handful of questions.  Here’s a composite of his responses.

Favorite shows?  Best memories are from Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Goshen and Oshkosh.  Favorite side trip was the few days I spent in New Orleans… no show there, and it was completely magical.  I was also able to see [former collaborator & pedal steel guitarist with the Brian Blade Fellowship] Dave Easley play a trio set, complete with Zappa, Allman Brothers & Beatles covers, plus the old jazz standard “Moonlight In Vermont”.

My thoughts on the tour as a whole was that it was a completely insane thing to do.  It was also very successful creatively and personally.  I learned a lot about myself as a performer.  I challenged myself both musically and intellectually. Biggest challenge?  Well, performing solo, and the complete lack of dynamics that a band gives you.  I worked on my set, performance, and concept for months ahead of time in an effort to put on a great show.  I tried my best to meet the challenge head-on.  I’m proud of the hard work I put into the show and the tour.

Of course, I don’t look at this tour as the end of anything. I’ll be back on the road next fall with the band.  It’s part of a continuum.  You can’t win at music.


That’s not to say he isn’t trying… Released today is Schlarb’s soundtrack to the video game Dropsy.  You can check that out on his Bandcamp page.  Also, Chris Schlarb has two new recordings in the works.  There’s the third installment of the Psychic Temple series due out Spring 2016 on Asthmatic Kitty.  Follow developments about this recording on his website’s blog.

Also on the verge is a new album, titled Music For Bus Stops.  It’s comprised of two long-form pieces with an 11-piece ensemble.  It’s live in studio, no edits, no overdubs.  The first track, “Music For Bus Stops,” was composed by Schlarb and Tabor Allen.  The second track is a rendition of the opening salvo from Brian Eno’s classic ambient meditation, Music For Airports.

Here’s the ensemble:  Chris Schlarb (electric guitar), Tabor Allen (drums, percussion), Philip Glenn (Hammond organ), Danny T. Levin (trombonium, euphonium, marching baritone, valve trombone), Paul Masvidal (electric guitar), Curt Oren (baritone sax), Cathlene Pineda (Wurlitzer electric piano), Sheridan Riley (drums, percussion), Kris Tiner (trumpet), David Tranchina (double bass) and Mike Watt (electric bass).


In the meantime, browse various articles about Schlarb’s music on this site.  This LINK should take you to them.

Also, explore the music of Chris Schlarb on his Bandcamp page and Soundcloud page.