Klabbes Bank – “Dalarna”


Very excited to announce that one of my favorite nu-jazz outfits, Klabbes Bank, will be releasing a new album in October 2012.  Their albums Je Suis la Mer and Kalsater both rocked my boat big time, and I have the best expectations that their newest Protect the Forest will do same.

Klabbes Bank blends their Jazz and Rock with the best of them.  Their music is typically pretty moody, even when it hits an upbeat note.  In fact, I think it’s their ability to express heartbreaking melodies with a hopping rhythm that I find most appealing about their music.

Anyways, here’s a homemade video they put up on youtube.  I assume it’s shots of their home turf of the Gothenburg, Sweden countryside.

Your song personnel:  Klas-Henrik Hörngren (keyboards), Thomas Backman (alto sax, clarinets), Magnus Wiklund (trombone), Joel Wästberg (alto & tenor saxes), Jacob Öhrvall (bass), and Martin Öhman (drums and electronics).



I’ve been meaning to do an artist overview of these guys since I first began this site, but a combination of an unexpected deluge of work and my inability to get ahold of a copy of their first album (which I think is just self-titled) has put that article on the backburner for awhile now.  I might just go ahead and write up a review of Je Suis la Mer and Kalsater, and ignore their first album.  We’ll see.

Enjoy your Sunday!