Laurent Coq & Jerome Sabbagh – “New York Jazzed Out: Eye of the Storme”


Today’s video features pianist Laurent Coq and saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh performing for students in a school hallway for something called New York Jazzed Out.  Honestly, I don’t know much of anything about the project, and I’m honoring this lazy Sunday by, in fact, being lazy and doing absolutely no research on it.  That said, it’s a pretty song on a nifty video, and I really enjoy the work of both musicians involved, so here you go, today’s featured video…



For future listening of both musicians:

coq_zenon_rayuelaI reviewed the Laurent Coq – Miguel Zenon recording Rayuela, and apparently I liked the album so much, I somehow wrote two separate reviews for Bird is the Worm, which is an inexplicable accomplishment considering how drowned I’m am in music.  Anyways, here’s A LINK to one of those reviews.  It was slotted at #27 on the Best of 2012 list.

jeromesabbagh_pluggedinI also reviewed Jerome Sabbagh’s 2012 release Plugged In, another nice recording that has him in a different format than this performance with Coq.  Here’s a LINK to that review.  Go check it out.

Have a great Sunday!