Recommended: Llop – “Lampke”


Llop - "Lampke"Not dissimilar to Steven Lugerner’s Gravitations series recently covered on this site, the trio Llop is an interesting mix of improvisation and studio manipulation.  It begins by recording saxophonist Erik Bogaerts and guitarist Benjamin Sauzereau in action and working off the cuff.  Then, happy with what he’s recorded, drummer Jens Bouttery gets down to business in the studio and shapes his vision of the recorded material through the lens of electronics and effects while adding his own drums and percussion to the mix.  The result is Lampke.

A metamorphosis occurs, of old country folk songs transforming into modern pop with heavy indie sensibilities.  It’s an elusive change, and it rarely keeps the same face for very long before the next transformation, but there always exists a common thread of simple tunefulness and an agreeable randomness of expression.

“Happii” is pretty straight-forward, but there are moments when the song seems to spill out from the walls of its structure.  “Nacht” disdains the thought of structure, yet congeals into shapes that provide both direction and definition.  And “Hevii” works both angles, giving the impression of a dancer attempting to work out the timing and steps to an Ornette Coleman performance.

Some songs are just as they seem.  “Ner6ens” is a moody ballad cut right from the Nordic Jazz mold.  “Rijksregisternummer” is the disjointed strangeness of a Tom Waits tune minus the heartbreaking melody.  And “Kitt” is rainy day music through and through.

But all of Lampke is a little bit different, no matter how familiar it may come to seem.

Your album personnel:  Erik Bogaerts (saxophone), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar) and Jens Bouttery (drums, electronics).

Released on El Negocito Records.

Listen to more of the album at the label’s Bandcamp page.

Music from the Ghent, Belgium scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp | CDBaby | Amazon