Mark de Clive-Lowe “Take the Space Trane” & Stephane Kerecki “Sound Architects”


Mark de Clive-Lowe & the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra – Take the Space Trane

Mark de Clive-Lowe - "Take the Space Trane"Interesting release by producer and electronics wiz Mark de Clive-Lowe, who teams up with the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra and offers up a mix of modern nu-jazz and traditional big band.

Most notable about this recording is the way Lowe handles the divergent elements that comprise this intriguing release.  Whereas he isn’t the first to tackle the fusion of modern jazz, traditional jazz, electronica, hip hop & R&B beats and rhythms, most attempts tend to result in a blend of the varied elements.  But on Take the Space Trane, that doesn’t happen.  The music here isn’t a collective sound.  Each of the elements shout their voices into the mix and stand out from the others.  It’s an amalgamation of different conversations, belted out simultaneously, that result in an engaging convergence of ecstatic music that finds room for those aspects that echo the music of the past and those that are forward-thinking, without either crowding the other out.

Potentially, it could make for an ideal introduction for new-schoolers to get a taste of what has come before, and, perhaps, serve as an acceptable introduction to old-schoolers of what’s going on the scene today.  So, bonus points awarded to Clive-Lowe for creating something different that could, also, reach across genre borders.

Your album personnel:  Mark de Clive-Lowe (electronic drums, keyboards, effects, production) and the Rotterdam Jazz OrchestraJohan Plomp (conductor), Martijn de Laat, Ray Bruinsma, Robvan De Wouw, Rik Mol (trumpets), Ron Oligschläger, Louk Boudesteijn, Vincent Veneman, Martin van de Berg (trombones), Marco Kegel, Bart Wirtz, Simon Rigter, Cyrille Oswald, Rik van den Bergh (saxophones), Martijn Vink (drums), and Aram Kersbergen (bass).

Released on the Tru Thoughts Records label.

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The nifty album cover by Roland Lefox.

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Stephane Kerecki Trio – Sound Architects

Stephane Kerecki - "Sound Architects"The new release by bassist Stephane Kerecki isn’t easy to nail down.  Though from the Paris scene, there’s a strong NYC element to this Jazz.  Added to that, the quintet shifts back and forth between eras of influence… some tracks, like “Song for Anna” have a strong modern bent, while others, like when Bojan Z switches over to Rhodes on “Lunatic,” harken back to a 1970’s fusion period.  And then there’s the identity issues of tunes insinuating a presence of serenity, then loosing both Malaby and Donarier on saxes, and giving the impression of something far more volatile… just to sweep the rug back out for a return to a quieter nature.

The album’s mutable identity should be considered a strong characteristic, making the music here a source of intrigue.  Kerecki’s name has been popping up lately on a lot of recordings that have hit my radar, so I wanted to get a mention in about one of his own recordings, hopefully getting his name on the radar of others.  Also, the song “Bass Prayer” is worth the price of admission alone.  A soulful beauty not unlike some of the Keith Jarrett American Quartet releases on Impulse back in the 70s.

Your album personnel:  Stéphane Kerecki (double bass), Matthieu Donarier (tenor & soprano saxes), Thomas Grimmonprez (drums), and guests:  Tony Malaby (tenor & soprano saxes) and Bojan Z (piano & Fender Rhodes).

Released on the Outnote Records label.

Jazz from the Paris, France scene.

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