Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos project keeps dishing out the good stuff


We’re happy to feature the video premiere of the latest facet of Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos project.  The core of the project is the bassist’s 2017 release, the two-volume Cuentos, which hit the shelves back on September 1st on Ears & Eyes Records.

These cuentos, or short stories, focus on the bassist’s life in the two cities of Oakland and Chicago, with an entire volume of music dedicated to each, and featuring musicians from those cities.  The music that accompanies this video is from the Chicago crew of trumpeter James Davis, guitarist Bill MacKay and bassist Jeff Greene.  The video footage is of a tiny village in the Patagonia region of Argentina, called Quila Quina… a handful of domiciles up against the side of a mountain and embraced by a crystal clear lake.

You can listen to more of the album, and purchase it, on the artist’s Bandcamp page.  It’s also available on Amazon.

We’ve previously featured another video from this project.  Be sure to check it out.