My new eMusic Jazz Picks are up at Wondering Sound


As most of you are aware, I have been writing a weekly column for that gives a rundown of the best of the new Jazz releases each week (my Jazz Picks).  Well, eMusic has spun off their editorial function to a completely separate site, called Wondering Sound.  It’s still an eMusic thing, but my Jazz Picks will now be posted over on the Wondering Sound site.

So don’t freak out when the link takes you to an unfamiliar site.  I’ll be reprinting this introduction for the next handful of weeks, just so that everyone becomes familiar with the changes.

Now, that said, my new recommendations have just been posted up on the Wondering Music site HERE.

Notable albums from this week’s article are:

Matthew Halsall - "When the World Was One" Oskar Stenmark - "Piatruba" Jex Saarelaht - "Liminal" Barbara Morrison - "I Love You, Yes I Do"





… and a bunch of other decent options.  In terms of volume, it was pretty sparse in the jazz new release bin, but there’s some good stuff to be found for sure.