My new Wondering Sound jazz recommendations


As most of you are aware, I have been writing a weekly column for that gives a rundown of the best of the new Jazz releases each week (my Jazz Picks).  Well, eMusic has spun off their editorial function to a completely separate site, called Wondering Sound.  While I’m still doing the same thing, my Jazz Picks will now be posted over on the Wondering Sound site, which exists in its own world.  It’s why you now see Bandcamp players embedded in the column as well as recs for albums not retailing on eMusic.

I’m not sure when my column will actually post on Wondering Sound.  It was supposed to go up Wednesday, but it appears the holiday weekend may have caused some interference with the publishing schedule.  When they do go up, they’ll be at the top of my Wondering Sound profile, HERE.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Okay, my Jazz Picks are now up.  Due to the hectic Thanksgiving holiday schedule, the column didn’t go up at its normal time.  Instead, it’s been combined with the 12/o3/14 column.  You can see them by following this LINK.

In the meantime, since today is small business Saturday, I though I’d post the list of recommendations in case you wanted to direct your attention to these fine albums.  And, as I said, when the actual column goes up with all the synopses and links, I’ll let you know.

The albums from this week’s article are:

Ola Kvernberg - "The Mechanical Fair" Jimmy Greene - "Beautiful Life" The Stoner - "Kinder Call" Talmest - "Talmest"





My Pick of the Week:   Jimmy Greene – “Beautiful World”

My other recommendations:

  • Ola Kvernberg – “The Mechanical Fair”
  • Peter Evans – “Destination: Void”
  • Ettore Fioravanti – “Traditori”
  • Talmest – “Talmest”
  • The Stoner – “Kinder Call”
  • Greg Foat Group – “Live at the Playboy Club”
  • Tim Allhoff Trio – “Kid Icarus”
  • Alessandro Lanzoni – “Seldom”
  • Julian Lage & Nels Cline – “Room”
  • And one from the vaults:
  • Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden/Paul Motian – “Hamburg ’72”


Considering that the year is winding to a close, it’s not a bad bundle of options.