Recommended: Reto Suhner & Fabian M. Mueller – “Schattenspiel”


Reto Suhner, Fabian Mueller - "Schattenspiel"An enchanting duo collaboration between saxophonist Reto Suhner and pianist Fabian M. MuellerSchattenspiel possesses a level of virtuosity to where improvised statements appear to be strategically coordinated, and where the free flow of ideas can sustain a composed, coherent dialog.  It’s why this album can be supremely engaging and yet so damn sublime.

Some tracks, like album-opener “Labyrinth of Time,” hint at serenity, but twitter with life just enough to upset the state of tranquility.  There’s also the gorgeous melody of “Arcanum,” ephemeral and mysterious as a curl of smoke and “Crux,” which sees Suhner singing a simple song to the accompaniment of Mueller’s ominous tone.

Motion plays a big role in many of the album tracks.  What begins as a peaceful state will suddenly ignite with an impassioned volatility, and what opens with sharp, decisive actions might conclude with a long, flowing glide.  “Le Coq” is a tiny frenzy that ends with a peaceful sigh, “Blaze a Trail” darts about with a determined insistence, and “Cascade,” starts as a tangle of unconnected threads and ends as a lovely confluence of melody.

The album ends with “Das Schattenspiel,” a sublime tune that shifts gears throughout, and illustrates that the essential quality of Schattenspiel‘s conversations is revealed in the words, not the tones.

Just plain beautiful.

Your album personnel:  Reto Suhner (soprano & alto saxes) and Fabian M. Mueller (piano).

Released on Between The Lines Records.

Jazz from the Zürich, Switzerland scene.

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Some other stuff you should probably know:

Augur Ensemble - "The Daily Unknown"Pianist Mueller is also a member of Augur Ensemble, whose 2013 release The Daily Unknown falls into similar territory as Schattenspiel.  Beautiful music that is both heartbreaking and cerebral.

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