Name Your Price: Ezra Collective – “Chapter 7”


Today’s featured Name Your Price recording is Chapter 7 by Ezra Collective.

Their 2017 release Juan Pablo: The Philosopher illustrated the group’s arresting concoction of Afrobeat, modern fusion, cosmic jazz, post bop, hip hop and any number of other influences that seemed interesting to them at the time.  Their 2016 release Chapter 7 doesn’t spread out quite so far, and interesting to hear how they reformulate the ratios to which influences make their mark and how.  It’s the same quintet as on Juan Pablo, just without the guest musicians.

If you’re new to Ezra Collective, Chapter 7 is a nice introduction.  If you’re hip to their 2017 release, then count this album as more of the good stuff.

Your album personnel:  Dylan Jones (trumpet), James Mollison (tenor sax), Joe Armon-Jones (piano), TJ Koleoso (bass) and Femi Koleoso (drums).

Learn more about the album, and download it, at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

It’s also available at Amazon for five bucks.

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  • Download the album, entering $0.00 as the price (for the Name Your Price), and if you like the music, you go back to download it again and this time enter a dollar amount that you think is fair; and if you don’t like the album, pay nothing.
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Obviously, any funds these musicians raise is gonna get invested in making more music, so it’s in everyone’s best interests that we financially support the musicians who build the creative supports that we rely upon to get through life and to remind us how beautiful life can be.