Recommended: Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn – “Departure”


Nelson Foltz, Tom Lynn - "Departure"Departure is the sixth installment from Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn in their Still Life series.  The foundation is all soundscape.  What grows out of that environment, whether it be melancholy jazz passages, ambient pop music inspirations or a modern classical minimalism that borders on noir cinema, the result sounds organic and genuine, a natural byproduct of saying much with very little.

There’s a bit of a love song to the entire affair.  Sometimes a trumpet calls down the moonlight for a spin.  Sometimes percussion works in a gentle groove to mimic the beating heart during a moment of romance.  Sometimes a vocalist coos out words that dance with the hypnotic motion of a flickering candle.  But regardless of the form the sound takes, eventually is all melts down into a soothing, ambient drone.

It’s quite beautiful.

Your album personnel:  Nelson Foltz (trombone, bass trombone, tank drum, wine glass, bass, ebow bass, temple bowl, harmonium, kalimba), Tom Lynn (bass, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, tank drum, ebow bass, kalimba, chordun, doudouk), Juliette Commagere (vocals), Hildegunn Gjedrem (vocals), Joachim Cooder (drums, percussion), Gerry Leonard (guitar, loops), David Cook (piano, wurlitzer, rhodes), Michael Pearce (bass), Greg Dinunzi (lap steel) and Julia Hülsmann (piano).

Released in 2014 on the Stillsounds label.

Music that splits its time between the Berlin & NYC scenes.

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