Work Space: Mads Mathias, Copenhagen


Here is the work space of vocalist Mads Mathias.  He’s converted his allotment shed into a dual-purpose work space (and man cave).

He’s got his piano, which he composes on, as well as some recording gear… a good microphone, a MacBook, his horns and various other instruments and equipment…

Mads Mathias work space

The window, naturally, looks out upon his garden in the lovely city of Copenhagen.

For an idea of the kind of music that begins as a seed in his work space, check out the 2012 recording from Mads Mathias, Free Falling

Available at:  Bandcamp | eMusic | Amazon


For my fellow U.S. citizens who aren’t sure what an allotment shed is, I found this article and this site rather fun.  After reading them, I realized that I’ve been missing an allotment shed in my life all this time and never knew it.

Have a great, lazy Sunday!


And if you want to learn more about the Work Space site, please read this article on Bird is the Worm.