Recommended: Ole Jorn Myklebust – “Jorba”


Ole Jorn Myklebust - "Jorba"Jorba is the by-product of trumpeter Ole Jørn Myklebust‘s self-reflection on the creative path traveled thus far.  Comprised almost exclusively of compositions originating from various stages of his music career, his 2013 release is an exercise in contemplation, colored with streaks of celebration and melancholia.  Joined by pianist Andreas Ulvo and bassist Sigurd Hole (two thirds of the equally contemplative Eple Trio), Myklebust focuses on calm expressions of melody and thoughtful harmonic development.

“Theme for Namgar” is thick as mist and moves with the same mysterious patience.  “La Chapelle,” on the other hand, deviates from this formula with passages of bubbling activity and a simmering tension.

The sleepy “Jaures” takes time and care expressing the melody.  It is a pop song transformed into the sweetness of a lullaby.  Myklebust lays down the thick blanket of melody and Ulvo’s piano solo has a certain liveliness for contemplative music, but it’s the deep hum of Hole’s double bass that incites the state of dreaming.

“Mind Your Step” switches between a pulsing tempo and glittering melodic glides, whereas title-track “Jorba” alternates between a quaint ambling tempo and one that scurries quickly along.  Myklebust adds some vocals to the latter track, further accentuating the harmonic element that hangs over every song, no matter how subtle its presence.

The album ends with the sole track that isn’t a Myklebust original.  The trio applies an intriguing Nordic jazz interpretation to Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo’s classic “Concierto de Aranjuez,” a composition meant for guitar and orchestra.  By focusing on the melody and adapting through motion, the trio manages to capture a vital aspect of the original.  It also goes a long way to illustrating that the economy of sound displayed on this peaceful recording is built on a foundation of thoughtful planning and craftsmanship.

Your album personnel:  Ole Jørn Myklebust (trumpet, voice), Andreas Ulvo (grand piano) and Sigurd Hole (double bass).

Released in 2013 on Finito Bacalao Records.

Jazz from the Tromsø, Norway scene.

Available at:  eMusic | Amazon MP3