These are videos that I like: Lucas Pino Quartet – “Look Into My Eyes”


Today’s featured video is from the Lucas Pino Quartet performing the song “Look Into My Eyes.”

Likable song.  Apparently it’s shot at Pino’s home, which goes a long way to proving that you can put together a solid video without having to rent out a venue or go into high production values and effects.  Nice spacing between musicians but all packed into a single frame, a strand of holiday lights, some soft colors on the walls in a room with a little bit of character… and there you go.

Pretty cool how the police sirens bleed into the audio right at the end of the song.  While normally that would be an intrusion, sometimes, as in this case, it actually makes the song even more evocative… a feeling of “in the moment.”  I recall a similar thing happening with Gordon Grdina’s East Van Strings video for their song “Selma.”

Anyways, here’s that video…

Your videos personnel:  Lucas Pino (tenor sax), Colin Stranahan (drums), Glenn Zaleski (piano) and Rick Rosato (bass).


Pino is a member of the Jeremy Siskind Trio, whose release Finger-Songwriter was the #5 2012 Bird is the Worm album of the year.

Have a great day!