On the Air: Today, 6-8pm (EST) on WXOX ARTxFM Mingle


WXOX ARTxFMSo, it’s happening again.  Tonight, Tuesday (11/22/2016), I’m returning as a guest on the Louisville-based ARTxFM show Mingle, hosted by Kevin Coultas.

The show runs from 6-8pm (EST) on WXOX 97.1 FM.

If your location happens to fall outside the station antenna’s range, then you can listen in via the internet.  Visit this station site page (LINK) to either listen via their embedded audio player or download one of their recommended apps.

And, remember, if you’re playing the custom ARTxFM Mingle drinking game… each time I mispronounce a musician’s name, you take a shot.  Double it if I also misidentify an album title, song title, or geographical location.  If I forget either Kevin’s or my own name, then it’s three shots.  Might be a good idea to be proactive and call in sick to work for Wednesday right now.

And speaking of artists… here’s a tentative playlist of songs I’ll be featuring.  Included are links to write-ups previously posted on this site or notes of when write-ups will become available, either on this site or as part of my monthly recommendations column for the Bandcamp site.

1.  Random Charles Mingus tune, which Kevin always begins his show with.

laurent-rochelle-les-amours-invisibles2.  Laurent Rochelle – “Passages”

Read more about Rochelle’s album Les amours invisibles –> LINK

laurent-rochelle-okidoki-quartet-si-tu-regardes3.  Laurent Rochelle Okidoki – “Morgen”

Read about Rochelle’s new album Si tu regardes later this week.

cyro-baptista-bluefly 4.  Cyro Baptista – “Trovao”

Read about Baptista’s album BlueFly > LINK

nova-express-andras5.  Nova Express – “Meresin”

Read about the band’s album Andras: The Book of Angels Vol. 28 –> LINK

matt-ulery-festival6.  Matt Ulery’s Loom/Large – “Hubble”

Read about Ulery’s album Festival on my Best of Bandcamp Jazz column –> LINK

moonbow-when-the-sleeping-fish7.  Moonbow – “And the Skies”

Read about the ensemble’s album When the sleeping fish turn red and the skies start to sing in C major I will follow you till the end –> LINK

rooms-vigil8.  Rooms Trio – “Monolith”

Read about the trio’s album Vigil –> LINK

jasmine-lovell-smith-yellow-red-blue9.  Jasmine Lovell-Smith’s Towering Poppies – “The Pillow Book”

Read about Lovell-Smith’s album Yellow Red Blue on an upcoming Best of Bandcamp Jazz column.

brian-adler-mysteries-of-the-deep10.  Brian Adler – “Windy Path”

Read about Adler’s album Mysteries of the Deep on my Best of Bandcamp Jazz column –> LINK

christophe-panzani-les-ames-perdues11.  Christophe Panzani – “Traduire Eschyle”

Read more about Panzani’s album Les Ames Perdues –> LINK

Dave Nelson - "Thirty Thousand Feet"12.  Natsuko Sugao – “Ryukyu”

Read more about Sugao’s new album La danza de una Luz on my Best of Bandcamp Jazz column –> LINK

amirtha-kidambi-elder-ones-holy-science13.  Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones – “Dvapara-Yuga (For Eric Garner)”

Read more about Kidambi’s new album Holy Science in an upcoming Bandcamp column.

never-enough-hope-the-gravity-of-our-commitment14.  Never Enough Hope – “You Are A Gift To Me”

Read more about the ensemble’s album The Gravity of Our Commitment –> LINK

sotrio-maze15.  So!triO – “Coming From You”

Read more about So!triO’s album Maze -> LINK

And hopefully that’s enough music to fill up the two-hour show duration.  Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start singing Pearl Jam tunes to a live studio audience (aka Kevin Coultas, poor poor Kevin Coultas)


And here’s a link to the audio archive of the show, where you can listen afer-the-fact to this show and previous guest appearances or, mercifully, those shows where Kevin takes the reins solo.



Here’s the audio from tonight’s show…

Thanks again to Kevin Coultas, WXOX-FM and ARTxFM for having me on.