On the air tonight, 6-8pm (EST): ArtXFM Mingle


BitW square avatarI’ll be returning as a guest tonight on the Louisville-based ArtXFM show Mingle, hosted by Kevin Coultas.

Tonight I’ll be featuring music from four smaller, but strong labels:  Hubro Music, Songlines Recordings, Traumton and PJCE.

I think I’ll be taking this approach for the next couple of monthly guest appearances.  I’ve already got El Negocito Records lined up for August, and making some plans for some others.

I think it’ll be a helpful discovery method for some of you to explore more music without having to necessarily remember a bunch of artist names.

The show runs from 6-8pm (EST).  If you can’t check it out live, I’ll be posting the audio archive of the show, as well as some micro-reviews of some of the albums featured on the show.