Recommended: Anat Fort Trio with Gianluigi Trovesi – “Birdwatching”


anat-fort-birdwatchingThere’s those lazy Saturday mornings when the sunlight blankets the room in warmth and a solemn peacefulness hangs in the air and you don’t move an inch for fear that any motion at all would dispel the massive tranquility.  The latest from pianist Anat Fort is your soundtrack for those times.  Thoughtful interactions and gentle solos mark the enjoyable set Birdwatching, as does the way in which the quartet of alto clarinetist Gianluigi Trovesi, bassist Gary Wang and drummer Roland Schneider allows the music to settle into silent pauses like stones breaking the water’s surface just prior to drifting slowly to the ocean floor.  Tracks like “Not the Perfect Storm” and “Jumpin’ In” add a welcome dose of edge here and there and the occasional rhythmic outburst to keep things from ever getting sleepy, but make no mistake… this is dreamy music for dreamy afternoons.

As long as there are sunrises, I will listen to the music of Anat Fort.

Your album personnel:  Anat Fort (piano), Gianluigi Trovesi (alto clarinet), Gary Wang (double bass) and Roland Schneider (drums).

Released on ECM Records.

Jazz from the Tel Aviv, Israel scene.

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