These are videos that I like: Rebecca Trescher Ensemble 11 live at DB Museum Nuremberg


rebecca-trescherToday’s featured video is from Rebecca Trescher Ensemble 11, performing live at DB Museum Nuremberg.  The song “Seeking Spider” is on their 2016 release Fields.

Clarinetist Rebecca Trescher is a favorite of this site going back many years.  Her 2012 release Sud and 2014 release Nucleus displayed a sharp lyricism and expert craftsmanship, giving the sense of a storyteller’s tale related through wood carvings and stone etchings.  This new project shows a new side of her creative vision, even as it utilizes some of the same approaches.

I really had trouble picking one video to embed.  There are a bunch on her Youtube page from this Ensemble 11 performance that floated my boat.  I’ll see about maybe obtaining a copy of Fields and, perhaps, giving it a write-up on this site.  In the meantime, here’s that video…

Your video personnel:  Rebecca Trescher (clarinet, bass clarinet), Maja Taube (harp), Agnes Lepp (vocals), Hironaru Saito (flute), Markus Harm (alto sax, clarinet), Konstantin Herleinsberger (tenor sax, clarinet), Florian Bischof (cello), Volker Heuken (vibraphone), Andreas Feith (piano), Max Leiß (bass) and Julian Fau (drums).

Filmed and produced by Ludwig Olah, Norbert Goldhammer and Hannes Brendel.
Mixed and Mastered by Gerhard Grell and Christoph Stickel.

Here’s another video that I really wanted to embed.  I’ll probably post it on the site somebody soon, but you can just go check it out now if the above video caught your attention –> LINK