Recommended: Angel Dawid – “The Joy of Living”


There’s something terribly sincere and heartfelt about this music.  The sound isn’t of the highest quality.  It might be just a demo.  But something about the lo-fi nature of Angel Dawid‘s The Joy of Living adds to the genuineness of the music.  The impression is of a musician, one with her instrument, blocking out everything around her and just playing from the heart.

Title-track “The Joy of Living” switches between solemn expressions and those that dart frenetically about.  This sense of reverence for the moment is something that carries throughout the recording.  It occurs on the woozy lullaby “Smilin’ Billie” and the sing-song “Rivers of Babylon.”  The song with the simple title “Blues” possesses a dancing motion that strongly hints at song structure.  When it begins to break form, melodic strands shoot up in separate directions before coming together again.  The vocals of “Home” are all soul.

Anyways, I just wanted to get this on your radar.  It’ll be interesting to see what else comes down the pipe from this artist.

Your album personnel:  Angel Elmore (clarinet, keys) and guest: Rahel Powell (bass).

The album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Chicago.

Available at:  Bandcamp