Recommended: Los Carlitos – “LoS cArLiToS cOnTrAaTaCaN”


There’s a liveliness to LoS cArLiToS cOnTrAaTaCaN that kicks up all kinds of cheerfulness, and the way the quartet Los Carlitos offer up a melody is the emotional equivalent of beaming a wide smile.  The sophomore release from trumpeter Esteban Garvie, saxophonist Federico Viceconte, bassist Leandro Camus and drummer Luciano Monte is an exclamation point of post-bop effusiveness, and even when they work in early-period bop or classical influences, the music still rings with the clarity of today.  The music’s wide smile doesn’t hold back on the sense of humor, either.  Recordings of Diego Maradona make their way into some pieces.  They follow the gospel tones of “El Die 1” with a part two that begins by obliterating the structure built by its predecessor.  Melodies are as often drawled out with a boozy enthusiasm.  Sometimes the quartet breaks into song.  And all of it is just so much damn fun.

I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this recording.  It had me smiling from first note to last.

Your album personnel:  Esteban Garvie (trumpet), Federico Viceconte (tenor sax, clarinet), Luciano Monte (drums) and Leandro Camus (double bass).

Released on Discos ICM.

Listen to more of the album on the label’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

Available at:  Bandcamp