Recommended: Bizingas – “Eggs Up High”


Bizingas - "Eggs Up High"Some bands are just particularly adept at finding that sweet spot where the borders of modern jazz and indie-rock enter a state of perfect unison.  The Bizingas quartet of trombonist Brian Drye, cornetist Kirk Knuffke, drummer Ches Smith and guitarist Jonathan Goldberger have a strong claim to be included on a list of those bands.

The best modern jazz doesn’t chisel out distracting lines of demarcation and lineage, and the best indie rock brings a real gravitas to quirky expressionism.  On their newest, Eggs Up High, this quartet manages to grasp both concepts in the same handful.  Of the former quality, the infusion of prog-y keyboards into the rolling seas of long, sonorous harmonies on “Hawaii” speak to the quartet’s deft balancing act of influences, as does the slash-and-burn melody melting into the enveloping rhythm of “Plant-Based.”  And of the latter element, the fiery bursts of “Once,” the quick wit of “Slip,” and the lovely erosion of “Axis” are the abstract concepts of a music’s soul, heart and head given shape and form.

And all of that is why this seriously tuneful, sharp, sometimes even catchy music guides events along the fastest route to Fun.

Your album personnel:  Brian Drye (trombone), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Ches Smith (drums) and Jonathan Goldberger (guitar).

Released on NCM East Records.

Listen to more tracks on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Jazz from the Brooklyn scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon