Recommended: Matthieu Marthouret Bounce Trio – “Bounce Trio”


Matthieu Marthouret - "Bounce Trio"Very cool session from the Bounce Trio of organist Matthieu Marthouret, tenor saxophonist Toine Thys and drummer Gautier Garrigue.  Their 2014 self-titled release Bounce Trio has got plenty of the classic warmth & groove of late-sixties organ-led hard bop and soul jazz recordings, but then there’s tracks like “This Guy’s In Love With You” where the trio mixes in unpredictable doses of electronics and warped effects, and everything changes.  Remarkably, though, despite the swings back and forth between an old-school and new-school sound, the album keeps a strong sense of cohesion.  Even an oddball track like “Visions” gets shepherded into the pack and feels right at home with its more straight-ahead counterparts.

But eclipsing matters of influences and era is that this is fun music that’s very easy to dive into.

Your album personnel:  Matthieu Marthouret (organ & keyboards), Toine Thys (tenor saxophone) and Gautier Garrigue (drums).

Released in 2014 on We See Music Records.

Listen to more album tracks on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Jazz from the Paris scene.

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