Recommended: FABEL – “FABEL”


One of the more remarkable projects to emerge in 2017 is the newly formed trio FABEL and their video-as-album project of the same name.  Pianist Kasper Staub, bassist Jens Mikkel and trumpeter Jakob Sørensen teamed up with cinematographer André Hansen, and their music and imagery are the perfect match for one another.  One song melts into the next like scenes shifting to different landscapes and backdrops.  The brief silences signaling the transition between section have the effect of a waterfall between the roar of the rapids above and the soft crash and hiss of the pool below… a sense of nothing truly ending.  Sometimes Sørensen’s trumpet is the moonlight filtering through the trees and sometimes it’s the fireplace generating warmth.  Staub’s piano is the sunlight bending through a window pane, splashing a melody across the floor.  The soft footfalls of Mikkel’s bass marks both the passing of time and the motion of passing through it.  And every moment of this music, and the video that accompanies it, is beautiful.

Your album personnel:  Kasper Staub (piano), Jens Mikkel (bass) and Jakob Sørensen (trumpet).

Released on Jaeger Community Music.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon | eMusic

And here’s the visual album…

Video: André Hansen and Frank Nielsen.  Actress: Sarah Francesca Brænne.