Recommended: Renato Dias Trio – “Suspiro”


The debut from guitarist Renato Dias is a nice, laid-back affair, and heavy with a dreamy atmosphere.  Joined by bassist Filipe Teixeira and drummer Filipe Monteiro, the trio patiently explores each melody in an environment where tempos often have the presence of an urgent whisper.  The emerging pattern is that melodies are grounded in fragmented imagery, where there is no clear start or end.  But then there are those tracks like “Mariana (and Bunny, The Cat)” where the melody is stated crisply and leads the way.  “Next Exit” raises its voice a bit, but for the most part, Suspiro is rainy day music when the sound of music blends in with the sound of raindrops and a hushed city watches it all come down.

There are more than a few moments on this album that I found captivating.

Your album personnel:  Renato Dias (guitar), Filipe Teixeira (double bass) and Filipe Monteiro (drums).

Released on the Porta Jazz label.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Porto, Portugal.

Available at:  Bandcamp