These are videos that I like: The Westerlies and Twin Talk at the Hideout


Today’s featured videos are performances at one of my very favorite Chicago venues, The Hideout.  And it’s a recent show that I really would’ve liked to drive up to see.  If The Westerlies tour through your town, you should definitely make the time to see them.

The first video has the brass quartet The Westerlies joining Chicago’s Twin Talk on the song “I Have My Doubts.”

Your video personnel:  Dustin Laurenzi (tenor sax), Katie Ernst (bass, voice), Andrew Green (drums) and The Westerlies.

You can check out the music of Twin Talk on their Bandcamp page.

And here’s a clip from the same October 2016 show of just the Westerlies performing the song “Saro” off their self-titled sophomore release.

Your video personnel:  Zubin Hensler (trumpet), Riley Mulherkar (trumpet), Andy Clausen (trombone) and Willem de Koch (bass trombone).

You can check out the music of The Westerlies on their Bandcamp page.

You can also read more about the album by checking out the monthly recommendations column I write for The Bandcamp Daily (LINK).