Recommended: SLD Trio – “Anfitrion”


The debut of the SLD Trio of pianist Paula Shocron, bassist Germán Lamonega and drummer Pablo Díaz makes its home in dissonance, but the beating heart of Anfitrion reveals that what the trio truly delights in is motion.  Sometimes it springs forward with a spry lope, as on “La Novia,” before accelerating to the point where that motion circles back upon itself and annihilates the distinction between action and reaction.  Alternatively, there are tracks like “24 horas,” where a slippery tempo gives the impression of moving in multiple directions.  Then there’s the “Retribuciones Suite” and how slowly built surges of intensity are powered by the kinetic energy of the trio’s succinct, darting lines of rhythm.

There’s a raw power to this music, and, thankfully, the trio chooses focused precision over melodramatic shows of strength.  It’s why the nuance of the motion shines through the dissonance, and it’s why the album generates more than a little intrigue.

Your album personnel:  Paula Shocron (piano), Germán Lamonega (bass) and Pablo Díaz (drums).

Released on Nendo Dango Records.

Listen to more of the album at the label’s Bandcamp page.

Jazz from the Buenos Aires, Argentina scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp