These are videos that I like: Taylor Ho Bynum, east coast, west coast, studio host


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of Taylor Ho Bynum, whose album Enter the PlusTet was named this site’s 2016 Album of the Year.

You can read more about why the album earned that distinction (LINK).

And the first video is a mini-documentary about how the album came about…

The next video is from a May 2016 performance at Buffalo, New York’s Asbury Hall.  Bynum’s PlusTet consists of musicians he’s collaborated with in a number of settings in different combinations.  For instance, this performance brings together his sextet and his Buffalo PlusTet.

And the third video is from a previous Bynum project.  This documentary spotlights Taylor Ho Bynum’s 2014 Acoustic Bicycle Tour, a 5-week, 2000-mile performance journey in which he bicycled down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico and presented concerts along, collaborating with different musicians at each locale.  If you do nothing else, you’ll want to skip to the mark where he plays to the ocean shore.

And you can learn more about all of these albums and projects on Bynum’s site (LINK).