Recommended: Temenos – “Elements”


What’s particularly appealing about Elements is how each musician is singularly focused on the melody’s ultimate destination.  Plenty happens in between the start and finish line on each of this EP’s four tracks, and while the individual members of the Temenos quartet might have differing opinions on the best route to take, as a unit, they express a shared vision on exactly where to land.  It’s the kind of thing that results in a tight lyricism, streamlined for efficient use of improvisation.  The music tells a wild story using not one more word than is necessary.  Deviations maintain their context.  Inspirations stay tethered to the grand plan.  All of it revolves around the melody.

The pairing of cello and baritone sax is key.  It’s why the melody is able to simultaneously express comfort and edge.  Alto sax and drums allow it to soar through the clouds and dance upon the earth.  The music is modern, but it echoes the age where bop was becoming avant-garde and sometimes came out sounding so damn spiritual.

I really struggled choosing which track to embed.  All four tunes are solid, and each have their particular allure.  Taken as a whole, this is a magnificently enjoyable recording.  I imagine it’s flying under most radars.  Consider yourself advised.

Your album personnel:  Danny Abrams (alto sax), Drew Anagnost (amplified cello with pedals), Saman Khoujinian (drum kit, sound engineering) and Denver Carlstrom (baritone sax, auxiliary percussion).

This album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Carrboro, NC.

Available at:  Bandcamp