Whoa, Vadim Neselovskyi’s new album got paired with a very cool video


Pianist Vadim Neselovskyi has a new album out, and he’s got a very cool video to go along with it.  Putting it together is Alina Shagidullina, and, damn, it is seriously beautiful.  The video is set to “Station Taiga,” the fourth track on Neselovskyi’s 2017 release Get Up and Go.  If this video doesn’t compel you to go check the album out, I don’t know what will.

And, answering the question hanging in the thoughts of regular visitors to this site, yes, the video has a train in it.  Because life is beautiful.

Your album personnel:  Vadim Neselovskyi (piano, melodica), Ronen Itzik (drums, percussion, melodica), Dan Loomis (bass) and Sara Serpa (voice).

If you’re interested in purchasing the album, it’s available at:  Amazon