The Round-up: The path to you


Here is some very good new music.


Indigo Kid – III: Moment Gone In the Clouds (Babel Label)

Dan Messore’s Indigo Kid unit keeps switching things up, and every damn time the changes kick up all kinds of interesting developments.  For the third installment, much of the quirky, angular expressionism is swapped out for a free flowing lyricism.  The guitarist also brings in a new line-up with flautist Gareth Lockrane, bassist Calum Gourlay and drummer Tim Giles.  The addition of Lockrane has the most obvious effect on the transformation in sound from previous albums to the current one, but if it weren’t for the Gourlay’s and Giles’ ability to keep light on their feet while adding depth to the melodies, the music might get so light as to be insubstantial.  Instead, the feathery presence unleashes the presence of a bird in flight, wings flapping mightily as it soars effortlessly skyward.  Music from London.

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Kelp – Intake (Self-Produced)

I can’t help but like this album.  Its raw energy and wild enthusiasm are pretty damn addictive.  Intake is a recording that is likely to make you react with an amused smile and a jaw dropped to the floor.  The hyperactive piano trio Kelp starts out the album slow, then gradually acquires a head of steam that sees them hurtling to the finish line like runaway train that left the tracks encased in a ball of flame.  And exploding.  Definitely some explosions should get included in the metaphor.  Crazy fun music from Fukuoka, Japan.

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The Mo’ Times – The Mo’ Times (Self-Produced)

The Mo’ Times really sink their teeth into a classic hard bop sound.  Plenty of warmth and exuberance generated by this quartet of saxophonist Mickaël Pernet, pianist Jules Le Risbé, bassist Charles Huck and drummer Valentin Jam, and it’s catchy as hell.  Their reference of McCoy Tyner’s “Passion Dance” during an interlude of their own “Garlix Blues” and the opening stanzas of “Les Indiens” is probably all you need to know about how this quartet’s heart beats.  So much fun.  Music from Montpellier, France.

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Dreaming of White Horses – Dreaming of White Horses (Self-Produced)

There’s an appealing laid-back feel to the self-titled debut from Dreaming of White Horses.  Front and center is how soprano sax and fiddle fall into a comfortable lyrical embrace.  Guitar, piano, bass and drums circle around, occasionally enfolding the pair, and creating an ebb and flow of nuanced intensity that makes all the difference.  That the temperature perpetually hovers near fireplace cozy is why the music is always just a little bit lively and just enough conversational to ever let things devolve into sleepy territory.  Easy to like this one.  Music from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Chris Whiter – Encapsulation (Self-Produced)

There’s an enveloping moodiness to this experimental work from Chris Whiter.  Joined by tenor saxophonist Riley Stone-Lonergan and pianist Vince Webb, Whiter infuses live electronics into the mix with his own baritone sax and bass flute.  The deeper tones present some startling contrasts with the electronic frisson and effects, as well as the burgeoning tension from his counterpart’s instruments.  The pattern is a melody slowly emerging from a steady pulsing drone, as if a dream of harmony transforming into a brand new melody.  Music from London.

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