Why, yes, I am ready for a new Girls In Airports recording


The quintet Girls in Airports are releasing three videos that feature tracks from their upcoming new recording.  The three videos will get rolled out over the course of the Spring months, with an anticipated 2020 release date for the new album (which is a really long time to wait!).

This is the song “Rold Skov.”

The video credits go to Andreas Johnsen and Mik Stampe Fogh.

You can buy the track on the artist’s Bandcamp page.  Naturally, you can check out their previous recordings there, too.

Speaking of previous recordings, check out my write-up of their 2017 release Live.  The embedded track is my favorite Girls in Airports tune.  I’m as addicted to “Kaikoura” today as I was back when the album first came out.