The Wrap-Up: Using a liberal definition of the phrase “Bird is the Worm News”


Some Bird is the Worm news and announcements:

  • There’s a new post up on the Bird is the Worm Tumblr page.  The new post features the Work Space of Jon De Lucia, a member of the Luce Trio, whose Pieces, Vol. 1 was recently reviewed on Bird is the Worm.  Go visit my Tumlr site and check out the photo, plus links.  And remember, feel free to contact me if you’d be interested in participating in the Work Space series. It’s a simple way to get a little extra promotional bump. All you have to do is provide a couple cool photos of your work space. No artists should appear in the photo… just instruments and tools of the trade, a view out the window of strands of holiday lights or good luck pieces… just give the viewer a couple decent glimpses into what you see when you sit down to create. Photos don’t have to be professionally done or anything… they just should look inviting and cool and/or pretty to look at.
  • I have begun programming a radio station for eMusic.  It consists of 120 tracks in any particular month, with 90 getting refreshed every month to keep things new.  Half of the tracks will date from within the last year, the other half with a release date more than a year old… but almost none of them will go back to the last century.  I’m only looking to highlight jazz from the modern era.  Here’s a link to the station, which you need to be an eMusic member to access.
  • In AllAboutJazz Download of the Day news, in the coming weeks, we’re looking at a two-week block of tracks from a new collective of small labels from the UK scene with some very enticing names involved.  We’re also looking at, perhaps, a week-long block of tracks from the Live at Smalls series, too.  And, yes, AAJ is still having some problems with the dotd upload process.  If you are unable to upload your track, all I can advice is to try again later.  I just don’t know why the system accepts some tracks and not others.  Also, a reminder, if you’ve been written up on Bird is the Worm, and you haven’t received a Download of the Day invitation from me, this is either because, one, I haven’t had time to do it yet, or, two, I did send it, but you had old contact info and haven’t looked in that account.  Either way, if you’ve received print on Bird is the Worm, please feel free to submit a track for feature date consideration HERE.  If I’ve written about you on this site, then I already think your music should get spotlighted, so the AAJ download of the day is just additional promotional punch for you.
  • The Best of 2012 (thus far) list will get updated tomorrow (Sunday)… I promise.  It will be the last adjustment of it before I start rolling out my Best of 2012 posts in the first-half of January 2013.  [EDITOR’S NOTE:  I did it.  I actually did it.  The Best of 2012 (thus far) list has been updated!
  • The one year anniversary of Bird is the Worm is coming up in a couple weeks.  I’ll be making an announcement on that day regarding what to look forward to in 2013.
  • If you’ve emailed me and haven’t gotten a response yet, I apologize for the delay.  I had no idea the deluge of emails and cds that would hit my doorstep when I began this site.  I am doing my best to get through my inbox and reply to your emails.  Thanks for your patience.

I think that’s it for now.  Cheers.