These are videos that I like: Jacob Duncan “The Busker”


Today’s featured videos comes courtesy of saxophonist Jacob Duncan.  All three are promos for his new album The Busker, a solid folk-jazz recording that features a trio of Duncan on alto sax, John Goldsby on double bass and Craig Wagner on acoustic guitar.

You can read the recommendation of that album in the most recent This Is Jazz Today column (LINK).

Now, about those videos…

This first video features the song “Down by Monk’s Pond.”  It’s set to a number of photos.  Since The Busker is Duncan’s attempt to put music to the memories of his time in Europe, it’s a fair assumption that the photos are from those travels.  It’s a cool effect, especially when combined with the contemplative music.

This was probably my favorite track on the album.

The second video features the song “Backyard Self Portrait.”

It’s a nice example of how a simple promo video can possess a nice bit of impact.

And the third promo features the tune “Yuni et Anais” set to the movie The Beloved Rogue.

And if you’ve decided you’ve heard enough and just want to buy the album right now, you can scoop it up at the artist’s Bandcamp page.