These are videos that I like: Olivier Boge, new album, Nick Drake


One of my favorite albums of 2017 was When Ghosts Were Young by Olivier Bogé.  I’ve enjoyed the saxophonist’s talent at crafting enchanting melodies ever since his 2012 release Imaginary Traveler.  Since that time, he’s developed that talent even further with subsequent recordings The World Begins Today and Expanded Places… and, correspondingly, his music has become that much more addictive.  His newest release ramps up the melodic intensity even higher, and it’s the primary reason this album hasn’t stopped playing in my house.

Today, we’re going to feature some of his videos.

First up is a short promo for When Ghosts Were Young.  The album was released by the Jazz & People label, and the video is housed on their YouTube page.

And next up is a promo video for the same album, but incorporates the song “New Gardens” in its entirety.

Your album personnel:  Olivier Bogé (acoustic guitar, alto sax, vocals, piano, Rhodes, synths), Pierre Perchaud (electric guitar), Tony Paeleman (piano), Nicolas Moreaux (bass) and Karl Jannuska (drums).

The video is directed by Prisca Lobjoy.

I wrote about the album for The Bandcamp Daily.

You can listen to and purchase the album on Bandcamp.  It’s also available at Amazon.

Bogé often switches over to guitar on his recordings.  He also has a thing for the music of Nick Drake, and has released a number of videos performing those songs.  Let’s wrap up today’s colum with a really nice rendition of “Hazy Jane 1” from Drake’s Bryter Layter.

You can check out more of his Nick Drake covers on Bogé’s YouTube page.