These are videos that I like: Reijseger Fraanje Sylla – “Amerigo”


Ernst Reijseger - "Deep Down"Today’s featured video is from the trio Reiseger/Fraanje/Sylla.  It’s the album track “Amerigo” from their excellent 2013 release Down Deep.

The music of cello, piano, percussion and vocals is set to an expansive selection of tour footage… featuring trains, passing scenery, venues, wall murals, ducks on the water, city scenes and nature landscapes, men playing chess, women shopping, magnificent rooftop shots of the city below, and the artist performing on stage.  And it’s all set to some wonderful music.

The trio has a new album out, Count Till Zen, which was this week’s This Is Jazz Today co-Pick of the Week.  Be sure to check both of their albums out… it’s just amazing, powerful music.

Check out Down Deep, here on this site (LINK).

Check out Count Till Zen, here on this site (LINK).

And here’s that video, which was filmed by Myles O’Reilly


Have a great, lazy Sunday!