These are videos that I like: Roberto Negro, Birdy


Yesterday’s daily recommendation was from pianist Roberto Negro and his album Garibaldi Plop (go read it).  And as I was putting the post together, I had the opportunity to revisit his 2014 release Loving Suite Pour Birdy So, and I fell in love with the album all over again.  It earned the #10 slot on this site’s Best of 2014 list.

You should go read the write-up of that album (go read it).  Here’s some videos in that album’s orbit.

This is an in-studio promo for the song “Bicyclette.”

Your video personnel: Roberto Negro (piano), Elise Caron (voice, flute), Théo Ceccaldi (violin), Valentin Ceccaldi (cello), Federico Casagrande (guitar), Nicolas Bianco (double bass), and Xavier Machault (lyrics).

And here’s a performance of the song “Tout de Toi.”

And here’s a teaser video using a 2013 performance of the song “Champagne” at Jazz à Vienne.

And if you just want to go check out the album right now, you can listen to it and purchase it on the Tricollectif label’s Bandcamp page.