This is where I get to tell you there’s a new Tunnel Six album


Site favorite Tunnel Six has a new album out.  It’s called journeys, places, stories.

A write-up of it is gonna post before long.

For now, here’s something to tide you over.

Your video personnel:  Chad McCullough (trumpet), Ben Dietschi (saxophones), Brian Seligman (guitar), Andrew Oliver (piano), Jesse Dietschi (double bass) and Tyson Stubelek (drums).


You can keep yourself busy by checking out the write-ups for their previous recordings:

tunnelsix_lakesuperiorTheir 2011 album Lake Superior was one of the best things to come out that year, and it’s an album I still find time to listen to.  It’s also one of the very first things I ever wrote on this site, so, god help me, but I’m going to link to it and just hope you’re kind.

Read more about the album (LINK).

Tunnel Six - "Alive"And then there’s the band’s excellent 2013 release Alive, which also got a warm reception on this site.  On the other hand, not sure my writing had gotten a hell of a lot better at that point.

Read more about the album (LINK).