Traumton Records is opening up shop on Bandcamp


Falling under the recurring conversation topic of Labels We’d Like To See Show Up On Bandcamp, I’m excited to announce that Traumton Records has begun uploading their recent catalog to a Bandcamp label page.

Located in Berlin, Germany, Traumton puts out an enticing mix of different genres, and in many cases, they all sort of bleed into one another stylistically. Over the years, I’ve recommended many recordings in their catalog, and very rarely do their fall into a straight-ahead category. There’s always something different about each of their albums, and it’s always something interesting.

They are currently adding their recent releases to their Bandcamp page, but over time they’ll be adding the older recordings, too. Because of Bandcamp’s functionality for limited streams of the recording, it means you’ll get to just wander through their store and hit the play button of anything that looks interesting. And when you find something (and I guarantee you will), you’re already on the page to buy it.

Here’s a few recent recommendations of albums now on their Bandcamp page:

Brot & Sterne – Tales of Herbst

Read about it  |  Check it out on Bandcamp


Hely – Jangal

Read about it  |  Check it out on Bandcamp


Enjuti – Schönheit durch Zerbrechlichkeit

Read about it  |  Check it out on Bandcamp


So, start digging through their catalog on Bandcamp (take me there).