These are videos that I like: Taylor Haskins, the Streets of Burlington, Above the Adirondacks, Rise of the Phoenix


Today’s videos feature the music of trumpeter Taylor Haskins and his new project Gnosis.  His new album Gnosis was a recent daily recommendation (go read it).

First up is a performance of “The Shifting Twilight” at the 2015 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.  I’m a big fan of a video that gets a city street into the frame, and brings the locale into the moment.

And next up is one of several videos Haskins put together as part of his Gnosis project.  More can be watched on a YouTube playlist and then there’s even more on his website.  The videos on his site are accompanied by his thoughts at the time he put it all together.

And our final video is Haskins working with cornet, and some effects and loops.  It’s nice and all, but what’s gold about this video is sharing with Haskins the view that greets him when he’s harnessing his creativity.  The window looks out at (what I assume is) the Adirondacks on his home turf of the Champlain Valley in upstate New York.

And if you’re ready to just go check the album out right now, you can give it a listen, and purchase it, on the artist’s Bandcamp page.