Matt Ulery – “To Lose Your Mind”


Well, bassist Matt Ulery has received plenty of mention on Bird is the Worm, revolving primarily around his 2012 release By a Little Light, which was this site’s #4 album of they year.

Here’s a video of Ulery performing “To Lose Your Mind” from that album, live at Chicago’s Millennium Park.  If you’ve never been there, go, whether it’s to hear music or just wander around.  I remember grumbling about it when they started building the various structures and installation art in the Grant Park area.  And while I do miss that it’s less “park” than it used to be, the city did a great job with what they built in that space.  The Pritzker Pavilion, where this performance is held, is an especially nifty feature of the park revamp, and seeing live music performed there is a real treat.

Your video personnel:  Matt Ulery (double bass), Rob Clearfield (piano), Michael Caskey (drums), James Davis (trumpet), Tim Munro (flute), Katinka Kleijn (cello), Nicholas Photinos (cello), Yvonne Lam (violin & viola), Zach Brock (violin), Michael Maccaferri (clarinet), Geoff Bradfield (bass clarinet), and Matthew Duval (marimba & vibraphone).


You can read my review of the album HERE, on Bird is the Worm.  In addition to the review, there’s embedded audio, links to artist, label, and retail sites, and whatever I else I felt like including at the time.

Have a great Sunday!