Recommended: Tauchgang – “die Beobachtung”


It’s strange how the lingering impression of peacefulness hangs over die Beobachtung, even as it devolves into dissonance.  The quartet Tauchgang instills a chamber jazz atmosphere about things, and so when they attain an unmanageable velocity and the melody starts to come apart at the seams, there’s a contemplative sense about things that is more than a bit appealing.  Of greater appeal, however, are those transitory moments of changing intensity, and how the context of the entire piece shifts into a different state of being.  That’s pretty cool, and pretty damn addictive.

Fair warning:  This album may have been released as far back as 2015.  I really couldn’t find much information on the band or the music.  But I adore this recording, and kind of stopped caring about release date and other ephemera.

Your album personnel:  Moritz Wesp (trombone), Nico Hering (piano), Bastian Weinig (bass) and Florian Schwappacher (drums).

Label or Self-Produced unconfirmed.

Music from Köln, Germany.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Available at:  Bandcamp