Work Space: Nicky Schrire, London


Here is the London work space of vocalist Nicky Schrire.

A few weeks back, we got to see a photo (and accompanying music) of the Capetown work space of her childhood.  Now relocated to London via NYC, she’s got new digs for her creative pursuits…

Nicky Schrire, London

The window view looks out over her neighbor’s garden in the Northwest part of London.

And speaking of those creative pursuits, Schrire has a pair of new projects underway.  One is setting the poetry of Ingrid Jonker (often known as South Africa’s Sylvia Plath) to music for piano and vocals.  The other is an upcoming 2015 release, titled An Education, which pairs Schrire on vocals & guitar with cellist Ariella Caira.

Here’s the title-track from that album…

Your song personnel:  Nicky Schrire (voice, guitar) and Ariella Caira (cello).

It’s getting released on Wild Sound Recordings and will be available at their Bandcamp page.


To check out more of Nicky Schrire’s work, follow the links to read my recommendations of her albums To the Spring (LINK) and Freedom Flight (LINK).

Or you can just skip all the words and go straight to the source and check out Schrire’s music on her own Bandcamp page.


Have a great, lazy Sunday!


And if you want to learn more about the Work Space site, please read this article on Bird is the Worm.